Thought Bakery is a group of innovators, creatives and leading-edge culture enthusiasts. As Agile Marketing specialists, we teach companies how to leverage the power of employee feedback to create stronger brands, dynamic company culture, and an elevated customer experience.

We believe that growth at scale is not only possible but inevitable when all employees are active participants in the marketing process. Great ideas are born when freedom of expression is sanctioned, giving employees a sense of value and inclusiveness. Our fundamental objective is to prepare small businesses for long-term success by equipping them with the tools necessary to grow in a fertile work environment.

Our Team


Chae O’Brien


"Always find purpose and the greater good, in the adventures life puts you on."


Kasey Cuevas

Content Strategist

"We were made to be challenged, with the greatest task being to always remain our most authentic self."


Adam Hawkins

Creative Consultant

"Collaboration and transparency every step of the way is critical in making the impossible, possible."



"Working with Thought Bakery has helped me to attract new clients and focus my professional goals. From concept development to campaign strategies, TB helped me flesh out, strategize, and execute plans to bring more eyes to my work. The best part of working with Chae and the team at TB is that it's a joy to work with them; personable, empathetic, and masterful at what they do."

Ashleigh Rae Staton - Owner, Ashleigh Rae Photography 


"It was a pleasure to work with Chaenara and her team! They provided the right solutions at the right time to help us scale our business at a manageable rate. It's  always great to work with people who you can see genuinely care about helping your business succeed."

Dave Cox - Creative Director, Caribbean Bride, Living Barbados & Digital Coconut




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