There’s no scarcity of choice when it comes to picking a small business marketing consultancy. The Thought Bakery difference is that we focus on developing the humans behind the brand, just as much as constructing the brand itself. From working with you to create a cross-functional team communication plan to educating your marketing team on how to use free, simple tools to showcase your authentic style on social media, we’ve got your needs covered.

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Marketing Strategy & Analytics

  • Creative Strategy & Brand Development: We work with you to define your most authentic brand voice using The Thought Bakery Process which includes  educating your teams on fun methods of creative discovery and exploration.

  • Cross-functional Team Engagement & Customer Feedback Analysis: Through open dialogue sessions and workshop exercises, we enable and coach each employee to fully engage in the marketing process while acknowledging the vital needs of the customer.

  • Go-to-Market Planning & Customer Experience Mapping: Thought Bakery guides your market entry plan throughout the product lifecycle to attract and convert targeted client audiences.


Growth: Scaling beyond your limits.

  • Marketing Program Development: Define, build and communicate key marketing campaigns to your employees, encouraging their feedback to improve campaign execution before launch.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Learn how to integrate productivity and automation tools designed to help you manage your customer data. Personalize your go-to-market communications to target new and existing business leads.

  • Campaign Measurement:  Whether you're a fan of Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising or standard  printed flyers, we educate your marketing team on measurement processes, across social, digital and traditional media.


Culture: Build people and success will be guaranteed. 

  • Embracing Diversity of Minds: Our workshops teach key tactics on how to communicate diversity, inclusion, and equality as a mindset by encouraging open feedback discussions across roles, teams, and personalities.

  • Understanding Idea Qualification: Everyone has a voice and their ideas need to have clear and direct opportunities to make it into the product roadmap. Thought Bakery maps team workflows to ensure there's no shortage of shared product inspiration.

  • Culture IS your DNA: Building an inclusive, progressive culture is critical in leading high performing teams for your SMB or startup. We teach you how  to start the right conversations so that you can improve teamwork, collaboration, and company success all round.



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