Meet Copper: A CRM Platform Built To Help You Achieve Small Business Success


Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, MailChimp...the list goes on. We’re being inundated with apps proclaiming to provide a unified view of the customer and all of them do, to an extended degree.

However, the secret sauce lies in a program’s ability to allow someone who has no clue about the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to gain a clue. In other words, a strong CRM should enable a user to implement, execute and measure deal and customer success regardless of their experience level. Startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs deserve to have noticeable results in creating a robust sales pipeline and gain data about their current and prospective customers and THIS is where Copper comes in.

Re-branding in 2018 after formerly being called ProsperWorks, Copper is here to take all of your CRM fears and tears away. If you’re looking to unify a measurable view of your customer pipeline - this is what you’re looking for. As a small business or startup, here are the top five reasons Copper is worth giving a try.

01. No credit card required for the 14-day free trial

Copper has three subscription packages. Basic, Professional, and Business. The 14-day trial is under the business plan so users get to experience the best of what they have to offer. The trial period is also great because you don’t need to set your calendar to remind you to unsubscribe - no credit card is needed to sign up for it!

02. If you’re a fan of Google, this is the CRM for you

Copper was built to be a CRM most compatible with the Google Productivity Suite of tools. Copper’s native G Suite integration allows you to nurture leads and close deals directly from Gmail. It also has a Chrome extension for easy access to the platform while surfing and syncs directly with Google Calendar, Hangouts, and GDrive. This makes data entry hardly a separate task you’d have to take on.

03. Team collaboration at its finest

Copper’s workflow automation streamlines the selling process and best practices. Every seller gets personal notifications so they can move deals forward, faster. Additionally, with a Slack-like UI, you can message teammates when you need their help on a deal or want to keep them in the loop on an account.

04. Implementation and integrations

Copper integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps to automatically capture every detail and help you close deals faster. From MailChimp to Slack, you can create a framework for managing all data, communications, and everything in-between without the hassle of setting it manually for collecting customer intelligence. Additionally, Copper has a no-nonsense setup with less than 5 minutes as the count time. Just enter your details, click sign up, and you’re set!

05. CRM on the go!

Relationship-building shouldn’t stop just because you’re not by a desktop. From replying to customers to approving last-minute proposals or tracking your sales pipeline, Copper’s mobile CRM makes it easy to manage relationships and close sales right from your phone. This app a vital tool in every small business or start-up’s toolkit for success.