Google Primer: SMB Success Lessons On The Go!


Priming your SMB for Go-to-Market Success

Starting your own small business isn’t an easy venture. It requires a great deal of financial investment, time and energy. Every small business owner can tell the tale of a sleepless night full of dedication and a pot of coffee. That’s why when it fails – as 20% of all SMBs do by the end of their first year – it hurts, and it effects more than just the small business owner. 47.5% of US employees work for a small business in America. That adds a tremendous responsibility to succeed.   

Between competing in saturated markets, understanding how to leverage social media to expand a brand’s reach and figuring out how to invest limited resources in both talent and product to elevate the customer experience – there are a lot of challenges to overcome. Simply put, it’s a hard nut to crack.

Most tips and tools for SMB success cost money, but good advice can also be free. We’re pleased to recommend an app that will help you navigate the world of SMB, and it’s free!

What is Primer?

Starting a small business requires you to be a jack of all trades. Google Primer is the educator of dreams, providing you with lessons on social media, online advertising, web analytics and storytelling. Since its launch in 2014, Google Primer has kept up with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, and provides you and your team with up-to-date lessons. It’s no wonder the app boasts a rating upward of 4.5. Anyone with an entrepreneurial vibe will benefit from their fundamental how to’s.

Once you give it a try, we’re sure it will become a fun but integral part of your team’s knowledge training. Here are a few of our favorite features for marketing and growth as well as stimulating a learning based, but fun company culture.  

01. Jargon-free Marketing 101


There is nothing more frustrating than lessons being laced with jargon. How are you supposed to learn about social media marketing if you constantly must decipher what three letters stand for?

Google Primer’s simplistic user interface is jargon-free and carefully maps out fundamental courses necessary to champion client awareness of your product or service. The lessons are also catered for multiple levels of experience. You can start off with the basics like how to pick a business name or making your first sale, or intermediate lessons of launching an email and understanding digital analytics. Primer’s user-friendly navigation will make you feel confident enough to tackle even tricky courses like marketing agency management and how to engage your target audience on mobile.

02. Growth on the Go!

Whether you’re on the train in to your We Work or waiting for your 1 o’clock appointment to show up, the Primer app gives you 3-minute-deep dives on Content, Search and PR Marketing. You truly can squeeze in a quick lesson on critical components to showcase your brand’s strength, impact and purpose at any time.

From provoking the discovery of a bakery’s first tag line to allowing a SMB owner who dreamt of selling custom leather briefcases online after his brick and mortar failed – Primer has countless success stories. What will Primer help YOU achieve?

03. Learn as a team

At the end of each module there’s a quiz in a swipe happy format which can be used to test your knowledge across 15+ skillsets. Why not make it is a team building exercise? Who can get the most module quizzes correct? Or better yet, come up with the best use case for your own SMB. Pour the ‘primer punch’ and get the ideas flowing at your team’s next brainstorming session. 

Google Primer can be downloaded here for IOS and here for Android – sorry, no desktop version (yet!). We also suggest following them on Twitter – you never know what lesson they’ll announce next!

Chae Obrien